Barcode Printer Zebra GK420T Download Driver

Overview Barcode Printer Zebra GK420T

BARCODE PRINTER ZEBRA GK420T is one of barcode printer with high technology that using Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal which has good value in class Barcode Printer Desktop. furthermore, Barcode Printer ZEBRA GK-420T give many feature to support many application of label print from low volume to middle volume that Barcode printer able to print with the speed  5 (127mm)/second support 32 Bit RISC Processor and Memory 4 MB FLASH ROM & 8 MB SDRAM, that is easy to classification it into 3 choice (USB + Parallel + RS232) and with program of language EPL & ZPL coresident. It easy to use for developing software in function access print out that provide in Barcode Printer ZEBRA GK-420T.

Barcode Printer Zebra GK420T

Zebra GK420t with Label Printer Specification

Zebra GK420t is supported high resolution direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, high-quality text, barcodes, graphics, & offers flexible connectivity. The GK420t barcode printer is equipped with ZPLII, has the universal language of Zebra printers, which contain easily integrated into existing systems that run Zebra printers without the need for additional software. GK420t most easy to print labels and tags with text, graphics, and a wide range of barcodes. This 203 dpi label printer is made for a wide variety of industrial applications. A smart Printer, easy and low maintenance printer that features permanent downloading of label and tag formats, soft fonts, and graphics. You get a faster and good result when and where you need it.

Zebra GK420t provide a complete range of thermal transfer ribbons, labels, and provided for your Zebra printer. Zebra GK420t always offer a wide range of software products to support different needs. Barcode Printer ZEBRA GK-420T also provide default software Zebra Designer.

There Are The Specifications of Barcode Printer Zebra GK-420T

- print Mode: Thermal Transfer (Using Ribbon) & Direct Thermal
- Resolution ;203 dpi ( 8 dots/mm)
- Speed printing ; 5 (127 mm)/ sec.
- Max width: 4.09 (104 mm)
- Max Long Print: 991 mm
- Max Label label: 108 mm
- minimum width Label: 19 mm
- Max Diameter Roll Lable: 127 mm
- Diameter Core Label: 1" (25,4 mm)
- Diameter Core Ribbon : 1/2" (12,7 mm)
- Max Long Ribbon: 74 Meter
- Max Width Ribbon : 110 mm
- Type Ribbon: Wax, Wax-Resin & Resin
- Media sensor; Fixed Reflective & Transmissive sensor
- Memory: supported AC 4 MB FLASH ROM & 8 MB SDRAM
- Media Type: Roll-Fed, die-cut, Tag, Black Mark, Continous, Wristband
- Interface : USB + Parallel + RS232
- Language Program : EPL & ZPL
- Barcode Type : 1 Dimension & 2 Dimension
- 1 year Guarantee Formal ZEBRA 

Driver for the Zebra GK420T Barcode Printer
Download (24,55 MB)

Barcode Printer Zebra GK420T Supplies:
·         Label
·         Ribbon
·         Printhead